A Synopsis on the Anatomy of a 21st-century Bigot

It is rarely that some-one gets paid to express their intrinsic hatred and bigotry for others, yet in this day and age, when America, is thought to have moved beyond its centuries old traditions of slavery and racism and towards a more tolerant and diverse society, there still exists people like the Shelbyville Times-Gazette reporter Brian Mosley who make living out of targeting the most vulnerable segments of the our American social fabric. With years of strong anti-liberal and anti-Islam views as a highly opinionated and subjective blogger and regular visitor to sites such as Free Republic, Mosley thought that he could further his conservative and “traditionalist” credentials by targeting the Somali community in Shelbyville and portraying them as savages and “arrogant’. In series of articles he has written for the Shelbyville Times-Gazette newspaper, Mosley goes to great lengths creating a false representation of the Somali people. In one of his most unequivocal attack on the Somalis, Mosley states:

“Suddenly introducing a society that is literally hundreds of years behind the times in the ways of hygiene, mannerisms, culture and the treatment of women into 21st Century America is a recipe for sociological disaster. It is a massive shock to the Somalis and doesn’t do the local communities any favors either.”

What is perhaps most disturbing about Mosley hate-bursts (for lack of better word) is the fact that his so-called research investigating about the influx of Somalis into the Shelbyville community was nothing more than presentation of his own distorted views of the Somali people and their culture which he has blogged on for many years. As some-one who proudly states in his website that, “coming from the south as I am, and being a descendent of Confederate veterans that fell at Shiloh,” combined with his long history of a strong detestation for people of the Islamic faith, Mosley found an easy victim in the Somalis. Being both Black and Muslim and refugees, Mosley unleashed mercilessly his venom of hate and bigotry at the Somalis at a level not seen in Media in recent memory.

Had it not been for the systematic hatred of anything that does not prescribe to his narrow-minded and bigoted views, Mosley could have been viewed as “un-educated and naïve individual.”Instead, Mosley has adopted a principled rebellion against tolerance, diversity and co-existence. Unfortunately, Mosley belongs to a select group of people in the media, who are hell-bent on working towards the disintegration of the American society along racial and religious lines.

In many ways, people who have came to the defense of Brian Mosley like the city editor of the Times-Gazette, John Carney are betting on dead horse, especially when the truth is that Mr. Mosley has a dark history of being closet-racist and some-one that targets the vulnerable and weak elements in our society to satisfy his inner-orgies of hate and chauvinism. It is time we should stop making excuses for Brian Mosley’s explicit pronunciations of hate and intolerance and call a spade a spade.